Candle Holder

About Us

Handy Floral Products started in business over 30 years ago selling quality products to wholesale florists across the USA and Canada. From the beginning we’ve prided ourselves in delivering fresh, innovative and creatively designed supplies and accessories to be used by florists, wedding planners, event coordinators and designers.

Our business philosophy is simple... we want to be recognized as the most dependable, reliable and honest supplier in floral products. Orders are shipped in a timely fashion via FedEx, UPS, common carrier or whatever the most cost effective method may be.

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. We can also bill on 30 day terms with credit approval.

Our goal is to make our website a useful communication tool for both of us. To help make this happen in an effective and efficient manner we would love to hear your input how we can make your visit a better experience. Please use the information on the contact page to connect with us and thanks for your visit.

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